Global Risk Insurance

Why travelers purchase Global Risk Insurance

Global risk insurance is available for a variety of worldwide risks that are excluded in most travel insurance and international health insurance plans. 

These plans specifically cover high-risk situations such as business travel to high-risk or war-risk countries. Coverages available include travel medical insurance, emergency medical evacuation, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance with no exclusions for incidents involving acts of war or terrorism.

This category is also where you'll find kidnap and ransom insurance, Defense Base Act insurance, and high-limit accidental death and dismemberment.

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Defense Base Act Insurance from Insuractive

Workers compensation for contractors is mandatory under the U.S. Defense Base Act (DBA) of 1941. This coverage applies to both U.S. workers and any foreign subcontractors who are not covered under their own country's workers compensation laws.

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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance from Global Underwriters

Kidnap and extortion are very real and growing threats throughout the world. While the most vulnerable companies to kidnapping are those that have employees based or traveling overseas, organizations that have high profiles, handle large amounts of cash or work with sensitive information are also at risk.

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Business Travel Accident (BTA) from Global Underwriters

Many U.S. companies and corporations choose to minimize the potential liability they face in regards to employees that travel by purchasing business travel accident (BTA) insurance. Travel has become an absolute necessity in our new global economy. Available to U.S. companies with Domestic or International Employees.

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Global Accident Protection 24/7-optional War Risk from Global Underwriters

Travel to war risk and high-risk destinations can be a harrowing task. An accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy will help give you and your family peace of mind in the event of your death or disability. Coverage provided for travel outside of your permanent Home Country Restricted Country: Not available to residents of Australia or European Union countries. Restricted U.S. States: Not available to residence of New York, Maryland, or South Dakota

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Diplomat International - Optional High Risk from Global Underwriters

Featuring optional war risk accident and sickness medical coverage, accidental death and dismemberment, travel assistance and much more. Available to U.S. Citizens traveling outside the United States or Non-U.S. Citizens traveling outside their home country, with no travel to the United States.

Coverage is NOT available for travel in Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Israel, Nepal, or Palestinian Territories.

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Global Risk FAQs

I'm a U.S. citizen who works abroad, but I return to the United States three times per year for visits up to six weeks. Will the global medical insurance plans cover me in the United States?

Yes, the Global Medical Insurance plans include coverage back in the United States. for an aggregate total of six months per policy year. Plus there is a U.S. preferred provider network available (which reduces the deductible cost by half).

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