Why Purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance?

Published: May 23, 2019

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Insuring your prepaid nonrefundable trip cost is important. Things like cruises, tours, hotels, flights or safaris, anything that you've booked that's prepaid nonrefundable is insurable on travel insurance.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption protect you against illness, injury or death. If something happens to a family member like they fall ill or injured or heaven forbid there's a death in your family and you need to cancel your trip in order to attend, trip cancellation would reimburse you for the portion of your trip that you did not get to use because of those events.

Things like inclement weather, natural disasters or if you're required to work at the last minute and are also great reasons that many plans will cover you for trip cancellation to get that investment that you've made in that trip back. If something happens out of your control and you can not travel. 

A lot of times if you book a trip on a cruise line or say through a tour company, they may offer you travel insurance before you purchase those items, get their quote and then give us a call. Let us take a look at the benefits that are available to you from all the other companies that we represent versus the company that they offered you to see. For one, are you getting the best deal and for two, does it cover the things that are important to you?

Had a great experience purchasing trip insurance. The agent was very friendly, helpful, and fully explained the different options. Will be back! - Robert K.

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