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Am I getting the right policy?

We just booked a trip with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT), and they want a lot of money for their insurance. It seems high to us. Do you have any policies that are priced better?

I Got Sick and Cancelled My Trip, Now What?

This article helps you understand what to pay attention to when you cancel your trip due to an illness. 

May I get a refund on my group insurance premium?

We bought our group insurance from you in July and paid a premium of $480. May I have a refund of premium?

Can I get travel insurance that includes political evacuation?

There is a current travel warning for Niger. Can I still get travel insurance that includes political evacuation just in case?

What are some Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

I’m 84 years old and see my doctor on a regular basis. He’s always examining me for something. Does this mean I can’t buy this insurance?

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