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Worldwide Trip Protector

When your travel needs call for a broad plan but cost-saving takes priority, our signature worldwide trip protector is the answer. Worldwide Trip Protector, popular with families, features coverage for children at no extra charge when traveling with their related adult on the same plan. Available to U.S. residents.

Eligibility for time-sensitive benefits are based on the initial payment/deposit for the originally scheduled trip, for which cash was paid, and not the date the Future Travel Credit (FTC) was applied towards the trip, if such a travel credit was used.

Worldwide Trip Protector

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Optional – Cancel For Any Reason
  • Trip Interruption
  • Optional – Interruption For Any Reason
  • Travel Delay
  • Missed Connection
  • Itinerary Change
  • Change Fee Coverage
  • Reimbursement of Miles or Reward Points
  • Baggage Delay
  • Baggage & Personal Effects
  • Primary - Accident & Sickness Medical Expense
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (24 HR)
  • Assistance Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Family-friendly coverage - All children under 18 traveling with an adult family member are covered at no additional charge.

Optional Coverage Available

  • Event Ticket Fee Protection
  • Electronic Equipment Benefit
  • Rental Car Damage
  • Air Flight AD&D
  • Travel Inconvenience Benefits
  • Additional Bed Rest Travel Inconvenience
  • For Costa Rica and Other Countries to meet COVID lodging requirement

Worldwide Trip Protector plan benefits

Travel Arrangement Protection Benefit(s)

Maximum Benefit Amount

Trip Cancellation** up to 100% of the non-refundable insured Trip Cost*
Trip Interruption*** up to 150% of the non-refundable insured Trip Cost*
*Up to the lesser of the Trip Cost paid or the limit of coverage on Your confirmation of coverage
** Trip Cancellation is not applicable when $0 Trip Cost displayed on Your confirmation of coverage
*** $500 Return air ticket cost only if $0 Trip Cost displayed for Trip Cancellation on Your confirmation of coverage
Additional Trip Interruption

Traveling Companion Hospitalization

Included under the Trip Interruption benefit maximum up to $200/day, limited to 10 days

Shore Excursions Included under the Trip Interruption benefit maximum up to $500
Additional Trip Cancellation
Reissue Fee Included under the Trip Cancellation benefit maximum
Trip Delay 3 hours up to $200/day, to a maximum of $1,500
Change Fee up to $250
Itinerary Change up to $500
Frequent Traveler Reward up to $250
Single Supplement Included
Missed Tour or Cruise Connection up to $500
Pet Kennel

up to $50/day up to a maximum of $500

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains Benefit - up to $1,000,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation Included
Medical Repatriation Included
Repatriation of Remains Included
Hospital of Choice Included
Medical Escort Included
Transportation of Children/Child Include
Bedside Visit Transportation to Join You Included
Political or Security Evacuation and Natural Disaster Evacuation up to $150,000
Optional Cancel for Any Reason** up to 75% of non-refundable insured Trip Cost*
Optional Interruption for Any Reason** up to 75% of non-refundable insured Trip Cost*
Optional Event Ticket Registration Fee Protection up to $1,000
Optional Rental Car Damage and Theft Coverage up to $50,000

Optional Travel Inconvenience

- Closed Attractions

- Beach Closure

- Missing Work

- Flight Delay

- Flight Cancellation

- Flight Diversion

- Tarmac Delay

- Cruise Diversion

- River Cruise Diversion

- Rainy Vacation

- Rental Car Breakdown

- Hotel Infestation

- Hotel or Vacation Rental Property Construction

- Rental Property Lockout

- Credit/Debit Card Cancelled

- Hotel Late Arrival Benefit

- Theft of Business Money

- Delay at Security Check-in

- Security Breach Delay

- Terminal Evacuation

- Vacation Rental Distributors Inconvenience

- Cruise Disablement


$250 per each inconvenience up to a maximum of $750
Optional Travel Inconvenience
Bed Rest up to a maximum of $4,000



Protection for your Belongings Benefit(s)

Maximum Benefit Amount

Baggage and Personal Effects up to $1,000


Passport, Visa, or Other Travel Documents


Credit Card charges and interest

up to $100
Optional Electronic Equipment up to $2,000
Per Article Limit up to $250
Combined articles limit up to $500
Baggage Delay 3 hours up to $500



Travel Insurance Benefit(s)

Maximum Benefit Amount

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains Benefit up to $1,000,000
Accident & Sickness Medical Expense up to $100,000
Dental Expense sublimit up to $750


Accident Death and Dismemberment Benefit(s)

Maximum Benefit Amount

24-Hour Other than Air Flight up to $10,000
Optional Air Flight Only up to the limit purchased
Exposure Included
Disappearance Included

Optional Upgrade Benefits

The Optional Upgrade Benefit(s) are applicable only when specifically requested on the enrollment document(s) and you have paid the additional premium and the purchase is confirmed on your confirmation of benefits.

Eligibility information about this plan

Citizenship: All Nationalities
Residency: United States
Ages: All Ages
Max Trip Length: 180 days

Worldwide Trip Protector Plan Documents

Worldwide Trip Protector Summary

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