Why is the coverage costly?

DBA insurance coverage may seem costly because DBA insurance losses often apply on a much broader basis than standard domestic workers’ compensation insurance losses. Several insurance professionals see DBA insurance as one of the most comprehensive workers’ compensation benefit programs in the U.S. For example unlike typical workers’ compensation coverage, DBA insurance covers employees who typically work more than five days a week and more than eight hours per day, and employees who work under dangerous conditions. Additionally, courts rely on two legal doctrines when making determinations regarding DBA insurance, the "Zone of Special Danger Doctrine" and the "Reasonable Recreation Doctrine." Section 6. b. (2) and (3)

Compensation amounts for disability are fixed by law; for example, compensation for total disability is two-thirds of the employee’s average weekly earnings, subject in any event to a specified maximum weekly cap. Death benefits, also set by law, are paid based on the number of eligible dependents, again subject to a specified maximum weekly cap.

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